Thursday, July 16, 2015

Satsuma Cafe of New Orleans

Look at those avocados!   This is part of a breakfast plate at Satsuma's of New Orleans.  Thanks goes to my friend Sally for bringing us here

Satsuma's is located on Dauphine Street north of the French Quarter.  There are a lot of good restaurants like Satsuma's nestled in the old neighborhoods of New Orleans.

Mexican Breakfast Plate:

The Mexican breakfast plate comes with creamy black beans, eggs, pico de gallo, avocado, cheddar, and two corn tortillas.  The one above has wet scrambled eggs.  The one below has over medium eggs.

Breakfast Sandwiches:

Here is what I ordered: two breakfast sandwiches.  The one on the left is called the Green Eggs & Ham Sandwich.  It has eggs scrambled with a basil pesto, great shaved ham, melted swiss, and red onions.  This was one of the two best breakfast ham sandwiches of my life.  It was the best one on a croissant.

The one on the right is a Bacon-Egg-Cheese Biscuit Sandwich.  And the biscuit was great, and the bacon was great, and the egg was great, and the melted cheese was great.  Everything about this biscuit sandwich was great.

Here's the Breakfast Bro eating the green eggs and ham croissant sandwich.

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