Thursday, July 2, 2015

Duck, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I had a lot of breakfasts in Cambodia, but that banana sauce above made this one the best breakfast that I have ever had here.  And on this trip I worked on five breakfast posts.  This pancake dish came from The Duck.

The Duck Restaurant of Phnom Penh specializes in lunch and dinner, but has a few choice breakfast dishes.  It's what they put on the breakfast dishes that makes the difference.  My Phnom Penh breakfast bud Glenn found this place for me.

Eggs Benedict with Spinach:

Eggs Benedict is generally the Cadillac of breakfast dishes.  Here they put it on a slice of fresh bread with a cooked leaf of spinach.  Glenn ordered this dish, but shared a taste with me.  What makes this dish so great is the Hollandaise Sauce.  This is one of the best Hollandaise Sauces that I have ever tasted, and I make my own.

Banana Pancakes in a Cinnamon-Sugar Sauce:

This place has to be French.  The French are the experts of sauce making.  The bananas appear to be quickly braised in a brown-sugar/cinnamon sauce and layered on top of these already great pancakes, sauce and all.  And there is some butter in this sauce, and what do you expect from the French.  This scrumptious dish was my order.

Eggs-n-Bacon Plate:

Yes, you can get a regular eggs and bacon plate here.  But in addition, they give you a grilled tomato half.  Love grilled tomatoes for breakfast.  The grilling releases the tomato flavor.  Look at 11:00 on this plate to see the bowl of dark red stuff.  That goes on your eggs.

The dark red strips are marinated tomato strips in some sort of pepper sauce.  This is a really good spicy sauce for eggs.  I wish I could make that at home.  Duck uses this sauce to make ordinary eggs rather extra ordinary.  On my second trip to Duck's, I ordered this dish.

The Coffees:  Here is a selection of some of Duck's coffees.

This is Glenn's favorite.  As I understand it, cappuccino is a traditional Italian way to serve espresso coffee with cream.

I always order what my company doesn't order, so it was latte for me.  This cup has more cream and not so strong of a coffee as the cappuccino which is fine for me.  I grew up with coffee au lait in New Orleans.

Regular Coffee
Their regular cup of coffee is good if you like it thick like me.  If you don't and are in Cambodia, then hope you can find a Starbucks.   I poured half of that cup of milk in this cup of coffee and have hardly dented the color.  

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