Friday, November 7, 2014

The Pump Cafe of Springfield Oregon

Look at that Oregon bacon!   There were four slices, but I ate one before snapping the photo.  The Pump is one of my favorite places on Main Street, Springfield, for breakfast or lunch.  

Again, the Pump Cafe is located on Main Street, Springfield, Oregon.  Use your GPS to find Main Street and once you do, you will be in Mom-n-Pop restaurant heaven.  The Pump is one of my favorite home-owned places on Main.

The Breakfast Burrito:  

The burrito has scrambled eggs and cheese and hash browns.  It's wrapped in a flour tortilla and covered with this wondrous green chili sauce.  You can add bacon or sausage.  I love the sausage in a burrito.

Chicken-Fried Steak:

Thick cream gravy coats this battered-fried chopped-beef steak.  It's great with scrambled eggs and hash browns.  Look how crisp the hash browns are.

The Pump Special Omelet:

This is an omelet: crisp bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, and sour cream.  Doesn't get much better than that.

Traditional Bacon, Eggs, Hash Browns:

This is their traditional breakfast and you can change the way the eggs are done as well as the meat.  In the upper right corner is their pre-buttered toast.  See the bite I took out of one slice.

Corned-Beef Hash and Eggs:

This is always a favorite for me: corned-beef fried crisp and served on top of a bed of their great hash browns.  And all of that is topped with two eggs.  Got to have a runny yolk for this dish.

The Hog with Hotcakes:

This is a great meat-lovers omelet: ham, bacon, sausage with cheese.  It comes with either a side of pancakes or hash browns.

Pancakes and Sausage:

When I have pancakes, I have to have sausage with them.  The Pump grills their sausage instead of pan frying them.  These cakes are thick and fluffy which in my opinion calls for syrup.

Biscuits & Sausage Gravy:

Guess what your liver does with this dish.  If you say turn it into cholesterol, then you're right.  Some places just put gravy on the biscuits.  Here they pour on the sausage gravy.  Not a dish to have the week before your annual blood test.  But I sure love their sausage gravy.

Speciality of the House!

The Pump's speciality is their raspberry/cream-cheese stuffed French toast.  I just put butter on it and savor.  Eat this dish slowly.  Enjoy every taste.


The scones at the Pump are huge!  These scones are about eight inches long.  They seem to be made with a biscuit dough, and they are really good.

The scones on the top shelf are the marionberry ones.  The marionberry is a cultivated version of blackberry developed by the University of Oregon and is a favorite of the Eugene-Springfield area.

In the dark bottom shelf are the bacon and cheese scones.  I always get the marionberry ones for my son's house where I stay while in Oregon, and get the bacon ones for the flight back.  They're less messy.

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