Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bistro, Kampala, Uganda

One of my favorite side dishes for breakfast is the grilled tomato.  The grilling and seasoning allows the tomato to shout its flavor.  This is part of a humongous breakfast plate at the Bistro of Kampala, Uganda.  If you never make it to Uganda, at least grill a tomato for breakfast.

The Bistro has multi-ethnic dishes, but is owned by an Indian couple who take pride in serving great food.  It's located at 15 Cooper Road in Kampala across the street from the Mall.  If you're going to the Mall, this is the place to stop for breakfast.  Time constraints only allowed me to order two dishes, so my bucket list for this place is long.

Passion Fruit Juice:

Apparently passion fruit is not naturally sweet.  So the Bistro serves it with a jigger of sugar alcohol which allows the customer to sweeten it to taste.  Sugar-free freaks, give it a break.  This is Uganda, not the USA.  Enjoy the sugar for the trip.

Uganda Coffee:

Thick coffee, but not bitter.  Smooth, but with an expresso film on top.  And see that sugar bag in front of the cup, that's sugar in the raw.  Nothing like unrefined sugar with great coffee.

Mango Juice:

Now this stuff is naturally sweet, and look how thick.  It was tough getting the mango juice up the straw.  Love juice like I love my coffee ... thick.

Bistro Breakfast ... for one:

The Bistro Breakfast is what is often called the English Breakfast (see the pork-n-beans).  Which makes cents sense since Uganda used to be an English colony. Bring an appetite because it has everything in the world on it except pancakes and French toast.

The Bistro Plate hosts three different kinds of meat: pork sausage, bacon, and sirloin steak.

Some of the best eggs I ever had, discovered first at my daughter's house, and then here.  The Bistro uses the same orange-yolk eggs as my daughter does.  This is not the norm in Uganda.  Most restaurants there serve eggs with anemic yolks.  Not the Bistro!

Muwonge Organic Farm produces the best eggs in Uganda and sells them to the Bistro and outside the entrance to the Bistro.  There is a Friday foot market at the US Embassy where my daughter works.  That's where she buys these awesome eggs.

Bacon Roastie:

Oven roasted potatoes & tomatoes are topped with bacon and poached eggs.  All of that is covered with a creamy mushroom sauce and some kind of lettuce.  If you follow my posts, you know that I'm not a lettuce expert.

My Bucket List:

  • Spanish Omelet -- beaten eggs folded around cheddar cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, green bell peppers, and green chili peppers.
  • Indian Stuffed Bread -- two whole wheat parathas stuffed with spiced potatoes.  This is the owner's speciality.  My guess is that is would make great plane food if you're leaving town and flying Dutch Airline.  The service on Dutch Airline is great, but not the food.  You know
  • French Toast -- two slices of French toast served with eggs and bacon.

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