Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Food Court at Farmer's Market of Astoria OR

Crab rangoon made from real Dungeness crab ... more crabmeat than cream cheese.  You know if I post lunch are dinner, then it's great.  And that is the mobile food court at the Astoria Sunday Market. Yes, regrettably, it's only on a Sunday.

On my first trip to the farmer's market, I had pigged out on cookies before arriving with my friends Eric and Bert.  So I did not have room to try any of these local goodies.  On the next trip about 18 months later, I planned my meals to be here hungry at the Astoria Market.

Yes they have their Summer Market every Sunday from 10-3 starting in mid May and going through the first week in October.  It's in downtown Astoria, OR.  Come hungry for coastal seafood.  What follows is a photo essay of the seafood they serve:

Smoked Salmon Chowder:

Here is a local favorite: Smoked Salmon Chowder.  This one's a bye until next time.  I pigged out on crab and oyster dishes instead.

Oyster Tacos!

Oregon oysters!  Love them.  Here is an oyster taco.  Oh, was that good.  Made with deep fried oysters.  This place had smoked oysters, which by the way is the only way I don't like oysters but many others do, and had oyster shooters.

Crab Cakes:

Excused the wind-blown sign.  This place has grilled crab cakes: greasy but good.  And made from Dungeness crabs.

 I saved this dish for our trip back to the cabin.  Had too much other great seafood at the market.

Crab Chowder:

This may have been the most awesome dish of all.  Chunks of Dungeness crab meat in this great chowder.  The crab chowder is the main reason I returned this year.

Fish & Chips:

This is another bye until my next visit.  My guess is that they are serving fresh cod which is one of my favorite west coast fishes.  Yeah, I know it's supposed to be "fish", but I like "fishes" instead.


The crepes booth was here this year, but here are photos from last year.  My guess is that you can get a seafood crepe as well.  Why is this place only on Sunday?  It takes two days to try all of the great seafood here!

MUSIC --------------------------------------------------

And they do have music!  This was last year's band.  This year's was on break when we were there.

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  1. I've never seen an oyster taco. I'm going to show the picture to my husband. They are on the top of his food list.