Friday, January 2, 2015

Dan's Meat Market, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Here is the smoker at Dan's Meat Market.  Those are sausages and hams hanging there.  Great meats. My guess is that Dan is particular as to who is supplying him with pork.

If you are in Phnom Penh, any tut-tut or cab driver can find it for you.  This is the premier place for pork (and beef) in Cambodia in my opinion.

Pork Sausage Galore!

Look at that display case.  Sausage heaven.

Dan's Smoker:

The smoker is like the ones in the states ... just larger.  The fire box is to the right and the smoker to the left.  The boy on the far right is my grandson, Oran.

Thanks to my son-in-law Derrick for taking the previous four pictures.  Without these, there would have been no post.

Boneless Ham:

This is a smoked boneless ham that my daughter Michelle had ordered for Thanksgiving dinner.  Non traditional, yes, but I don't think there are any turkeys in Cambodia.

The Sausages

Dan's sausages are best grilled, but you probably already know that.  When I can't grill them, I bake them instead at 400 degrees until the casing splits.


Here is the mainstay of the German sausage diet.  I prefer regular brats with a sit-down dinner with stewed cabbage, German potato salad, and pumpernickel bread.

Smoked Brats:

Same as above, but smoked.  Most of my friends prefer smoked brats.  This is snacking food and goes great with beer.

English Chicken Sausage:

If one has to have chicken in sausage, this is the way to go.


The kids love these.  Try finding a bun that will fit these frankfurts.

Toulouse Lamb Sausage:

Talk about good ... but you have to love lamb.  Great with humus or baba ganoush and lots of pita bread..

The Spread:

This wondrous meal was served up by the neighbors of my daughter Michelle, Glenn and Inga.  All of the sausages shown in the previous pictures were from their table.  Thanks to Michelle for hooking me up with Dan's Meat Market and thanks to Glenn and Inga for such a great lunch.


  1. Dan do you ever have confit duck? Some restaurants seem to
    have this item -- just wondering if you have consider adding it to
    your repertoire?


    1. Elaine,
      I am not Dan, but a food blogger. My suggestion is to go to Dan's Meat Market and ask. He does carry fowl, but I am not sure about duck.
      -- Mic Lang, the Breakfast Bro