Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jimmy's Egg of Missouri-Oklahoma-Kansas-Nebraska-Texa

Jimmy's egg is a small national franchise chain located in tornado alley: Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Texas.  There are a few locations outside of t-alley, all in Texas: two in San Antonio and the third in McAllen.  

Above is look at their biscuits.  Note: crisp and flaky southern style biscuits, not doughy.  

Though it is a chain, the restaurant retains its mom-n-pop ambience and has one of the more extensive breakfast menus anywhere.  I first found Jimmy's in San Antonio and thought the place was locally owned.   

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Eggs Benedict:

Poached eggs on top of shaved hame and English muffins, all topped with too much hollandaise sauce ... and too much is the way I like it.  There's enough sauce left over for Jimmy's thick grits.  Believe me, grits and hollandaise sauce is a real treat.

Garbage Breakfast:

Jimmy's Garbage Breakfast is a real treat.  And it's the hashbrowns which makes the difference.  The already great hashbrowns are topped with grilled onions, bell pepper, and sausage crumbles.  Comes with two eggs and bread of choice of which one of the choices is biscuits and gravy.  Okay, I'm the breakfast bro and am I going to chose a couple of slices of toast over biscuits and gravy?


These pancakes are perfect for me, not to thick, crisp not burnt.  But what they are screaming for is a couple of sausage paddies or links.

Biscuits and Gravy:

This is a side dish.  If it were my main, there would have been sausage in the gravy.  On my bucket list is the biscuit debris plate:  Two buttermilk biscuits covered with creamy sausage gravy, grilled sausage and ham, all topped with melted cheddar.  The plate comes with home fries or hashbrowns.  My choice is hashbrowns.

Great Coffee:

Not all great breakfast places have great coffee.  But Jimmy's does.  and look at all of the flavored creamers.  Now that's a treat!

Classic Combo:

Okay, I was wrong,  I like the home fries better than the hashbrowns, but Jimmy cheats.  For an extra buck you can get sautéed onions and melted jack cheese on the potatoes.

This is their classic combo which comes with two meats of your choice: half of a hame steak, breaded pork chop, corned beef hash, two sausage paddies, three sausage links, two thick slices of bacon.  There was another option, turkey sausage, but i won't mention that.  If you're ordering this much food ... then why waist it on turkey sausage!  Save the turkey sausage for a fruit cup or a bowl of oatmeal.

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