Monday, September 3, 2018

Andy's Kitchen of Corpus Christi TX

Behold the blueberry muffin!  That's Andy's welcome gratis when you visit his place.  All customers receive a blueberry muffin on the house.  On my first visit, the waitress gave me two!

Andy's kitchen is on Staples off the main north-south freeway that runs to North Padre Island.  Just head east (away from the gulf) on Staples and Andy's will be on the right.  By the way, Andy's Kitchen has been in business for 35 years.  Not too many restaurants last that long.  And come early, there's a crowd.

Bet you didn't believe me when I said two muffins.

Steak & Eggs:

Breakfast steak is just thick enough for them to prepare it your way.  Mine is medium-rare.  Look at the hash browns, they're brown.  Below are Andy's good biscuits.

Cowboy Country-Fried Steak:

Not just a country fried steak, though Andy has that as well.  This is a country fried steak covered with onions, chili, and cheese!  Put that on your plate, vegans.  Oh, and this comes with eggs, hash browns, and biscuits.  You can swap biscuits for toast, but why?

Chorizo & Bean Chalupa:

There is only one other restaurant (Lisa's Taco of SA) where the menu offered a chorizo and bean combination.  It's a deep secret of best Tex-Mex flavor that I have discovered in my travels.  Add cheese and I'm in heaven.  I ordered two chalupas and elected to have an egg on one.  Love them both ways.

Custom Scramble with Custom Hash Browns!

Let me start with the hash browns:  bacon and onions with cheese.  And now for the omelet: sausage, onions, mushrooms, and don't forget the cheese.  Now with a side order of biscuits, that was a fun breakfast.

Fried Pork Chops:

Note that this plate comes with two fried pork chops, but you can get them grilled as well.  The plate comes with eggs, hashbrowns, and bread (I got the biscuits).  What a great taste!

Andy's Sampler Platter:

Large, but not too large.  This platter comes with eggs any style, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, two sausage paddies, two bacon slices, and a stack of silver dollar pancakes.  Note the bacon is perfectly cooked.  The scrambled eggs are a Tex-Mex scramble where the eggs are lightly beaten.  If you prefer French scramble, then get the eggs fried.  I saved the leftover pancakes for dessert (see below).

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