Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fin's Drive-In of Springfield, Oregon

If you are traveling through Eugene or Springfield, Fin's is a great place for breakfast, but get there by 11 a.m.  Breakfast is over at 11:30.  Above is their signature dish, potato medallions or cottage fries as they call them.   

Fin's is the drive-in restaurant of the 50s and has that flair.  The diner is family run and the quality of the food reflects the care they put into their customers.  It's located where many other great breakfast places are: Main Street Springfield.  And it holds its own with the competition.  Use your GPS to find Springfield and then cruise Main Street until you see the building with the tail fins on it.

Chicken-Fried Steak: 

Peaking out under the gravy is a chicken-fried steak.  My son Adam had his with eggs over easy.  Me, I prefer scrambled with chicken-fried steak.  There's a plate of hash browns on the side and not in the picture.  With this breakfast, I want ketchup on my hash browns and scrambled eggs, and cream gravy on my steak and biscuits.

Traditional Bacon-n-Eggs Breakfast:

My friend Chris ordered this breakfast and look at the bacon.  This is Oregon bacon and in Oregon the bacon is always thick and tastes great.

Mickey Mouse Pancakes!

My grandson Grayson loves his pancakes and he really likes this place.  Where else can a kid get Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Country Breakfast:

This plate is like a typical egg plate, but comes with biscuits and country gravy.  The bacon is thick and tasty.  Cooked crisp the way I like it.

Pancake Plate:

Thick fluffy pancakes come with your choice of meat and eggs they way you like them.  Here my son ordered bacon and scrambled eggs.

Biscuits & Gravy:

This is a meal in itself and I ordered it with bacon.  The bacon is great just about anywhere in Oregon.  

My Big Breakfast:

Here is mine: bacon and eggs with a side order of thick sausage.  See the cottage fries, that's Fin's hallmark breakfast side.  I call them potato medallions.  Nobody makes the medallions like Fin's.  The potatoes are sliced into thin circles and fried to a crisp.  This stuff is great with ketchup as well.  I will go again just for the medallions.

More on the Menu:

There's more on the menu that I haven't tried and that's on my bucket list for future trips:  8 oz chuck steak, two 4 oz pork chops, hickory-smoked ham, and an 8 oz New York steak.  For more info on Fin's go to

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