Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Daisy & the Duke's Truck Stop Cafe of Tennessee

Look at that perfectly fried onion right.  Daisy and the Duke's Cafe was a find on a lean evening, Mother's Day, and not much was opened.

This place is located off of I-81 in Tennessee.  Just take exit 30 and turn east and you're there.  My cousin and I were looking for a place to eat along I-81 and coming up snake eyes.  So I took a chance on a restaurant listed on the blue Interstate sign, and it was closed.  But Daisy and the Duke was next door and opened.  Yes!  We can eat.

The food here is good and cooked in the style of the old dime store diners of the 50s.  On my bucket list is the Big Foot.  It's four slices of toast.  Between the bottom two slices is a cheeseburger, and between the middle two slices is a BLT.  Between the top two slices is whatever you want.  How does a guy get that sandwich in his mouth?

Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich:

Grilling does something awesome to cheese and ham.  This was one of my orders and came recommended by the waitress.

Bacon Cheeseburger:

My cousin BJ didn't want the bun and that was fine by me because I was able to take a better picture of the burger.  Note the irregular shape to the burger.  That means that it was hand made.  If it were frozen, the shape would be perfectly round.  Handmade paddies are generally more tasty than the frozen ones.


Bacon-lettuce-tomato ... that's the BLT.  But don't forget the mayo!  This was my second order and it also came recommended by the waitress.

Big Foot on the Bucket List:

If anyone gets a Big Foot before I return to D & D's, please send a photo of it to so I can post it.

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