Sunday, January 3, 2016

Desert at Mattheessen's Key West

Look at that wondrous fudge.  This is just one of the many desert offerings at Mattheessen's.  If you're in Key West, this is the place to go for desert.  And don't worry about the calories, you're on vacation.  If I lived there, would avoid this place like the plague.  But you had better believe that I will hit it up everyday that I'm in Key West on a visit.

Mattheessen's has two locations on Duval Street in Key West.  This one, I believe, is the closest's to the port.  The tour guide recommended Mattheessen's for key lime pie, and I forgot to take a photo of it.  By the way, the place has frozen key lime pie slices dipped in hot Belgium dark chocolate.  For more info go to  That's the breakfast bro in the background taking a photo of the front of their building.


See those chocolate chip cookies.  Look how many chips are in each cookie.  The pecan chocolate chips are to the right ... whole pecans.  They make other kinds of cookies was well, such as peanut butter, white chocolate, oatmeal raisin, and sugar cookies with all kinds of good stuff in or on them.  Each uncooked cookie is weighed out to be a half pound before baking.


They cook their fudge in a copper kettle to a precise temperature before pouring it onto a marble slab for cooling and cutting.  The flavors include chocolate, rocky road, chocolate pecan, and peanut butter.  Look guys, while you're at it, why not make a chocolate peanut butter loaf of fudge?

Homemade Ice Cream:

Yes, they make their own ice cream, 23 flavors in all.  Here are some of the flavors: Toasted Coconut, Mint Chip, Rocky Road, Turtle Crunch, Key Lime (why not?), Kahlua Almond Fudge, Black Cherry, Butter Pecan, and Cuban Coffee.  Oh, what the ..., here are the rest of the flavors: Cherry Vanilla, Cake Batter, Vanilla Chip, Mocha Chip, Pistachio, and Dulce De Leche.  I didn't mention Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry because those are boring compared to all of the other flavors.

Key Lime Pie:

I was in Key West just for a day so I hardly dented tasting the deserts at Mattheessen's.  And key lime pie is on my bucket list for a return trip.  They say their secret is in the crust:  "Our homemade graham cracker crust is thick and holds the tart tasting deliciousness of the key lime filling."  Go to their web sight to see three awesome pictures of their key lime pie.

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