Sunday, January 31, 2016

Will's Brunch Cafe of Phnom Penh

My Phnom Penh breakfast bud, Glenn, brought me to this place and recommended the Tunisian Eggs.  This place has a menu that is absolutely worth surfing.  If you're staying for several weeks here, this place has a huge selection of breakfast/brunch dishes.  Will's traditional egg breakfasts include a bacon-n-egg panini, classic eggs Benedict, traditional omelet and the stuffings are your choice, and breakfast in a bowl.  Above is a poached egg wrapped in proscecuta ham and below that is a bite of chorizo and poached egg.

Will's has two locations in Phnom Penh where it serves up both traditional breakfasts and its signature breakfasts.  Go to for a menu.  I love when they do this, then I don't have to photograph the menu.  My son-in-law Derrick came back with me for a second trip.  He's a bigger carnivore than me.

English Signature Dish:

Derrick ordered this feast, the English Signature Dish.  This traditional Brit platter can be found at several restaurants in town.  The feast comes with scrambled eggs, bacon, bread, and pork-n-beans.  Also, at 9:00 is a grilled yellow tomato.  To the right of that is not a cinnamon roll, but a roll of pork sausage.  In the center is a casserole of potatoes and mushrooms.  Yes, he did clean the plate.

European Signature Dish:

This was my order when I was with Derick, the European Double.  From the bottom up, this dish includes a slice of toasted French baguette, mushrooms, and poached egg, all wrapped in proscecuta ham.  This dish has two options, a single proscecuta-wrapped egg (not an option) or smoked salmon in place of proscecuta ham (clearly an option).  If the double looks like too much breakfast, you can slide on the salad like I did.

Vegetarian Mexican Signature Dish:

That's my friend Glenn ... no meat breakfasts.  The problem is that he works out after he eats and not before.  I generally swim before breakfast and can really chow down after a swim.  But this stiff looks good regardless.  The sauce contains tomato, peppers, corn, and onion concise on top of a warm tortilla.  A couple of fried eggs are dropped on top to make it breakfast.  For having no meat, this stuff really looks great.

The Tunisian Signature Dish:

This egg dish comes with potatoes stewed in a tomato concise which is topped with chorizo sausage and a fried egg.  The chorizo is more of a Spanish style than Mexican.  This dish comes with a side of really good crusty bread.


Have to have my latte.  The cream and coffee combo is great.  I grew up with coffee au lait in New Orleans.  I love my cream in thick coffee.  For you diehard coffee connoisseurs, latte, as I understand it, generally comes in a porcelain cup to retain the heat, and its cousin Cappuccino in a tall glass.  I'm okay with the way it was served.  The latte held its heat until I finished.


Here is Glenn's favorite.  If you look at the color, you can see the difference between cappuccino and its dousing the latte.  The cappuccino is darker, has less cream, and I believe uses espresso.   I like them both.

Mango Tango:

This is one of Will's fruit ice crushers, the Mango Tango.  This drink is a combo of mango and passion fruit, and is really-really refreshing.  Other ice-crusher fruit flavors include pineapple-mint, pineapple-banana, lime-mint, and watermelon-orange-lime.  Don't you just love this place!

Welcome to Will's:

You can go around the world with Will's signature dishes many of which I won't get to try:  Norwegian, Mexican, European, New York, Italian, Canadian, Swiss, Tunisian, Turkish, and English.  English is the big breakfast.

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