Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mikeska's Bar-B-Que of Columbus TX

Look at that rib!  So meaty!  That's one of the best items at Mikeska's Bar-B-Que.  If you know me, you would be surprised to find out what I liked the best.

Jerry's place has been in business in Columbus since 1956 and on the I-10 location since 1987.  Mikeska's is located off I-10 west of Houston and east of San Antonio.  Take Exit 699.  It's on the north side of the road.


Lean with just enough fat for flavor.  This is good stuff.

Smoked Sausage:

I like the sausage.  Not greasy.  Many barbecue places have great meats except for the sausage.  This place has exceptional sausage as well.

Baby-Back Ribs:

Love their ribs.  Lean, meaty, and a great smoked taste.  Having great ribs in Texas is almost an entitlement.  And Jerry's ribs are up to the challenge.  See the one at the front of this post!  I always get a plate of whatever for the restaurant and a rack of ribs for home.  That way the Mikeska adventure continues.


Above is a chopped beef sandwich with their great barbecue sauce.  To the right is their sliced beef sandwich.  Look at all the slices.  Either one of these is a good pick-up for a road trip.  

The Plate:

You can get any of the above meats on a plate or a combo there of.  And they come with great sides: green beans, chopped greens, potato salad, corn, etc.  This plate is a half chicken, and would you believe it ... I like the chicken best of all.  This place really knows how to barbecue chicken: gently smoked, fully cooked, and still moist.  It doesn't get any better than that.

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