Friday, August 15, 2014

Corner Cafe, Metairie, LA

Known for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, this restaurant is primarily a neighborhood haunt found by my cousin Pete's brother-in-law on a bet that he could find a mom-n-pop place for breakfast in Metairie in less than 30 minutes.  He did and Pete lost the bet.  But the food was so good that Pete quickly got over the loss and ultimately put me on to this fine food find.

The Corner Cafe is hiding on Green Acres Road just a block off of Veterans Hwy in Metairie, Louisiana, a large unincorporated area just west of New Orleans and south of Lake Pontchartrain.

French Toast & Sausage:

Look at this stuff!  Wonderful French toast made the way it should be … on French bread and that's what you get when you're in the New Orleans area.  The Cafe's French toast is so gooood that I didn't put syrup on it.  I had to get a second order of sausage to match up bite for bite with the load of toast they gave me.

Crabcake Eggs Benedict:

Not on the menu is this standing blackboard special, Crabcake Eggs Benedict.  It has all of the ingredients of Eggs Benedict, poached eggs - English muffin - hollandaise sauce, but with the Canadian bacon swapped out for crab cakes.  Only in the New Orleans area!  And typical of that area, there is only enough breadcrumbs in the cakes to hold the crabmeat together.

Biscuits & Sausage Gravy:

Here's a different take on this dish: the sausage is fried crisp before being added to the gravy.

Traditional Egg Plate:

Eggs, bacon, & hash browns -- a typical breakfast plate.  Note that the toast is not shown.

Crawfish Omelet: 

Ever see such a pretty breakfast sight in your life!  The sauce the crawfish were cooked in was awesome, and the dish goes perfectly with eggs.

The Big Breakfast!

And when they say big, it's big: pancakes, toast or biscuit, grits, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, and eggs.  My dear friend Gerta would say, "Too much food!"  And it is, and I ate it all, and I was too full after.  Actually, one could share this breakfast.

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  1. They have new ownership as of a few days ago (4 September 2018), and a new Facwbook page. Will be going there to see what's new.