Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oregon Road Trip Restaurants

Here's another road trip by the Breakfast Bro.  My son Adam took my grandson Graysen and I for a trip east into the mountains to visit an ancient lava flow and then look for obsidian glass in the high dessert.  Great trip and good food along the way.

Breakfast at Busy Bee's in Springfield, OR

Busy Bee's is a favorite haunt for locals in Springfield.  The breakfast nuts from Eugene come here as well.  Busy Bee's is located on Main Street.  Sit at the counter if you want to meet some of the locals. This place is a great start for a road trip.  For more on Busy Bee's Cafe and their food, go to their Facebook site at


This is what Busy Bee's is famous for.  Look at all of that sausage gravy.  Can hardly see the biscuits for the gravy.  They have a half plate but don't get it.

Pancake-n-Egg Breakfast:

Bacon, eggs, link sausage and pancake.  No place on the plate to separate the eggs from the pancake from the bacon and sausage, so you have to eat them all together.

Lunch at Sargent's Cafe in Bend, OR

Sargent's has been serving the locals for generations.  This is a neat little cafe that serves breakfast all day, and their breakfast menu is varied with a few hard-to-find-elsewhere items.  Wished I had been there twice ... wanted their potato pancakes.

The Lava Bear:

Yes, I ordered breakfast for lunch.  Whatcha expect ... I'm the Breakfast Bro!  Never had meatloaf on eggs before.  Sergeant starts with English muffins and then loads them down with meatloaf.  Topped that with two over-easy eggs (you can get scrambled if you want) and then poured sausage gravy over everything but the potatoes.  The potatoes, by the way, are sautéed with onions and bell pepper.

There is another breakfast entree unique to Sargent's that I want to try ... the Cougar Special.  This dish cooks down ground beef with onions, mushrooms, and spinach.  Add scrambled eggs and swiss cheese.

A third item of interest is the chili and eggs scramble: three eggs with homemade chili, onions, and cheese.  For breakfast?  Yes!

For more information about Sargent's and their food, go to their Facebook site at

Evening Dinner in Sisters, OR, at the Martollis' Pizza

We were tired from the full-day outing, so we stopped for Greysen's favorite food -- Pizza!  At Martollis,  you can buy it by the slice if you're in a hurry or the whole pie if you're not.  We got the whole pie.  For more info on Martollis, go to

Half-n-Half Pizza Pie:

This is a large medium-crust pizza lit by the setting sun.  Half of it was pepperoni, a favorite of my grandson.  The other half was covered with all the pizza meats in the world ... pepperoni, Italian sausage, hamburger, and Canadian bacon ... The Molto Carne.  It was like they covered the whole pizza with Canadian bacon, then layered pepperoni over it, and finally sprinkled the Italian sausage and burger crumbs across the top.  This pizza was really loaded with meat.

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