Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Oregon Coastal Road Trip Food

Mattie's Pancake House:

Eric, an old college friend, invited me on an Oregon coastal road trip.  Here are some of the places we ate along the way.  Above is a blueberry waffle from Mattie's Pancake House.

Mattie's is located on the southern outskirts of Brookings on Oregon Coast Highway.  Just look to the east on a hill and there it is.  We just stopped there for one meal.

This dish is the hamburger steak and eggs.  And was it good.  It is served with hashbrowns cooked up nicely.  I love the taste of beef with eggs.  Don't know about Eric, but I would come back here to eat.

Tillamook Cheese Factory:

Look at this perfectly grilled cheese sandwich.  Of all the food that Tillamook offered at their greeting hall, I had to have a grilled cheese.  You can get other sandwiches or ice cream as well.  Plus, they sell broken pieces from the big rounds at mark down prices.

Yes, Tillamook is located on the Oregon Coast Highway.  It's south of Idaville and north of Tillamook.  Just look to the east.

The Wet Dog Cafe:

The Wet Dog Cafe is located in Astoria, Oregon, at the wharf.  This is a great place to go for hearty food, the kind of food I'd want to eat while watching a football game.

Bratwurst with mac and cheese, not a very healthy dish, but it sure tastes good.  Surprisingly, I did not gain weight on this road trip.

Steaming clam chowder.  It was wet and cold along the Oregon coastline which made this dish very inviting.  This chowder is rib-sticking thick.

For dessert, marionberry bread pudding!  The marionberry is a diversion of the wild blackberry, only thicker, juicier, and tastier than it's counterpart.  The marionberry was developed at Oregon State University and has been a mainstay of the state's diet ever since. Eric, his brother Bart, and I shared this dessert.

The Honeysuckle Cafe:

The Honeysuckle Cafe is located on the outskirts of Jacksonville in southern Oregon away from the coast.  Not an easy place to find, but the food is worth the trip.  Breakfast is only on weekends.

Look at that hollandaise sauce!  This is eggs Benedict at its best.  The eggs were runny, but the sauce was thick.  And look at those country potatoes in the back of the picture.  Ummm good!

Would you believe it?  This is a cinnamon roll.  Their cinnamon bun is why people drive here.  Save the middle for me.

Pig'n Pancake:

This is an Astoria location, but the Pig'n Pancake is an Oregon chain, mostly on the east coast.  Great place for breakfast.  It is small enough of a chain, that the quality is still mom-n-pop.

You won't believe what's in this omelet.  Dungeness crab!  Where else but the Oregon coast can you get a dungeness crab omelet.  This dish is listed as one of their favorites and is served with Tillamook cheddar.  I had to have it.

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