Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dixie Grille of Seguin, Texas

The Dixie Grille knows how to deep fry foods.  Above are their huge fried mushrooms.  This is really good stuff.  Just drop a little hot sauce in that cream gravy and go to town.

The grille is located off I-10 in Seguin Texas of Exit 607 on the south side of the highway.  Seguin is just east of San Antonio.  This place is opened for lunch and dinner, and is a good stopping place on the way to Houston or San Antonio or Austin.  Normally, I do not do no-breakfast places unless they are really good, and Dixie Grille is really good.

Bacon Cheeseburger:

That cheeseburger is shouting, "EAT ME!"  Melted cheddar on a half pound of hand made burger with all of the "veggies" (tomato, lettuce, and onions).  Mayo and mustard are on the side and catsup is in the bottle.  The fries are as good as the burger.

Chicken-Fried Meats

Chicken-fried pork chops, steak, and chicken are fantastic here at Dixie Grille.  Note that the mashed potatoes are standard with these meals.  The potatoes are homemade and still have the skins, and that's the way I like them.  All plates come with homemade corn bread.  I could just eat that!

Pork Chops:


Chicken Breasts:

Chicken Strips:

Other Specialities

Homemade foods doesn't stop with fried foods.  They stew and bake other great foods as well.  Here are two of their favorites.


The sauce on the meatloaf has this rich tomatoey taste.  And look at those green beans; beans that green don't come from a can.

Pot Roast:

You'll see the wait staff in tee-shirts that say: "Legalize Pot ... Roast".  Luckily this stuff is legal and wonderful.  The pot roast is the specialty of the house.  If you only come her once, get the pot roast.

Drink Glasses:

When you order your drink, the wait staff brings you a pitcher and they purposely don't explain.  If you are a new customer, don't call them over for glasses.  The pitcher is your glass!  The waiters and waitresses have a lot of fun with the new customers on their pitcher glasses.

This is not all that is on their menu.  They have deep fried shrimp, beer-battered cod, and homemade desserts including cobbler.  I never have enough room left for dessert.

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