Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pour House Tavern of Springfield Oregon

Brisket for breakfast!  Look at that juicy brisket inside of egg.  Springfield's bars are known for hosting great breakfasts, and the Pour House Grill is one of those places.  Thanks to my son Adam for finding this place for me.

The Pour House Grill is located on 42nd Street just off Main Street in Springfield Oregon.  If you can find Springfield, you can find Main Street.  This restaurant is known for its unique breakfast dishes.  

Pour House is a common name for bars across the country.  From what I could tell this one is not a part of any of the others.  This is a stand alone mom-n-pop bar and grill.

Five Dollar Specials
Breakfast is served all day at the Pour House and the place has three five dollar specials, biscuits and sausage gravy, Belgium waffle, and stuffed hashbrowns.  By the way, coffee is just 50 cents.

Biscuits-n-Sausage Gravy:

Note: the link and paddy sausage do not come with this dish.  I ordered the sausage for the photo and then had to eat them.  Just $3.50 extra for that mess of sausage.  Great deal.  By-the-way, these are flaky southern biscuits.

Stuffed Hashbrowns:

Never had that before!  These crispy hashbrowns are stuffed with cream cheese, crisp bacon, and green onions.  Sounds great!  But there's more ... the waitress asked if I wanted sausage cream gravy on top.  Guess what my answer was.  For five bucks, it doesn't get any better than that.

Omelets and More
The Pour house has seven omelets to choose from, including a veggie omelet which never makes it to my blog.

The Southern Omelet:

My son Adam picked this one instead of something lean like he usually does.  This one looks scrumptious ... stuffed with pulled pork ... only in a bar breakfast.  Look how meaty, and it tasted great.

The Western Omelet:

Okay ... forget all the rules for a western omelet.  This is a western omelet from the Pour House and it's stuffed with stewed brisket and topped with swiss cheese.  Did I forget to mention the sautéed onions.  The brisket has just enough fat to make the meat tasty ... but not greasy.  This was really a fine-tasting omelet that would hold most bellies to a late afternoon lunch or to an early dinner.

My guess is that the brisket and the pulled pork are yesterday's sandwiches and entrées from the previous day.  This stuff gets better overnight, trust me, it does.  And since they have so much left over, the cooks load the meats in the omelets for breakfast.

Chicken Fried Steak:

Adam's order and he let me taste that one as well.  The steak meat is pounded thin and then breaded and fried.  This one was particularly tasty.   Adam said much of the flavor was in the seasoned breading.  I'll order one of these on my return trip.

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