Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bonnie's Kitchen of Denton

A bite of bacon, onion, egg, and cheese omelet.  More like four bites.  Welcome to Bonnie's Kitchen.  The food is good and you can get a table during their Sunday breakfast buffet.

Bonnie's is located on I-35 just north of Denton.  Take Exit 471, and it's on the east side where the TA Truck Stop is located.

Hey Denton people, wake up!  This place has a fantastic breakfast and plenty of tables on Sunday.  Take a drive to the north and enjoy the food.  The drive will be more pleasant and quicker than the wait at a breakfast place in the city.  And on this buffet, you can get eggs the way you want them.

French Toast & Sausage Links:

Sausage links are popular here in North Texas and Oklahoma.  The batter for the French toast must have had vanilla and a very slight hint of cinnamon ... a really good taste combo.

Two by Four Plate:

The French toast was part of the egg plate shown here.  Look at those hash browns ... they're brown not white.  That's why they call then hash browns.  I don't like the white hardly cooked ones.

The Sunday Buffet:

I ordered a two-egg omelet and look at all of the bacon and onions the cook is going to put on my omelet!  Below is a quick photo of the almost finished product.  In a moment, the cheese will melt from the heat of the egg.

Of course I had to have biscuits and gravy, and what's B&G without the sausage.

The nice thing about a buffet is that one can create his/her own dishes:

Biscuits & Bacon

Biscuits & Ham
Biscuits & Sausage Paddies

Here is the Buffet!
Yes, I was by myself and ate all of the buffet food listed above.  Mom raised me not to waste food.

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