Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sisters All Day Breakfast, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sausage and French toast soaked in syrup, now that's a scrumptious mouth full.

Sisters All Day Breakfasts Bakery is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  I have been here for breakfast several times.  Every visit, I pick up cookies or brownies for my grandchildren, Micah and Oran.  

French Toast:

The French influence on bakeries in Cambodia is strong.  So my guess was that the French toast would be good.  I was right.  The sausage is extra and that's a double order.  Have to have sausage with my French toast.  The sausage tasted as if the paddies were house made.

The syrup is house made.  Note the term here is not homemade.  And this is the richest, best tasting syrup that I have ever had.  I wish I could take this stuff home with me.

Here is a pic of the French toast made better with Sisters' syrup.  Umm good.  Spellcheck keeps taking some of the m's off of "umm".  By the way, the bread is house made.

Fried Eggs:

Over medium eggs with the yolks still runny.  How you want your eggs in Cambodia is communicated by hand movements.  Upward palm means sunny-side up.  Upward palm turned downward means over whatever.  Unless you speak Khmer, you will get anything from over easy to over hard.  And forget about over light.  That doesn't happen here.  The breakfast is served with house-made bread.

Bacon or sausage comes with the fried egg breakfast.  And the bacon was fried crisp, not burnt.  It had a good flavor and was in strips.  A lot of places in Phnom Penh serve bacon cut in a circle which is how the local meat shop prepares it.  See my post in 2014 on Dan's Meat Market.


The pancakes here are good, but the house-made syrup makes them great.  The butter I had to ask for but they quickly brought it out with a smile.  The sausage paddies, like a said before, appear to be house made.  Have to have sausage with my pancakes.

Rich, Robust Coffee:

The coffee here has a really rich and robust flavor.  My taste buds were searching for what the flavor reminded me of.  My daughter Michelle says the coffee bean here has a slight chocolate tint to the flavor.  That's it!  Coffee here is French, so it tends to be thick (the way I like it).  Don't ask for cream, the wait staff will not know what you mean.  Ask for milk instead.  You have to ask for sugar as well, and forget about sweetener.  Some places, this included, will bring you sweeten-condensed milk for your coffee, and that suited me as well -- it just made the coffee flavor richer.  This place serves sweeten-condensed milk with coffee.

A look to the street:

See the case in the middle right side of the picture.  That's where they sell their bakery goods including the sweets that I bring my grandkids.

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