Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Frank's Restaurant on I-10 Texas

Bacon done the right way ... that's Frank's Restaurant in Schulenberg, Texas.  Frank's has a short country breakfast menu with nothing on it out of the ordinary.  What's out of the ordinary is their high quality preparation.  This is an old family restaurant which has been serving the locals and passerby's for eight decades.  I love the breakfasts here at Franks.

Frank's is an easy stop off and on of I-10 in Schulenberg.  The restaurant is located on the access road on the south side of the interstate.  Coming from the San Antonio area heading east, the place is a regular stoop off for breakfast.  The coffee is good, and I make it better with a pinch of salt.  Salt gives some coffee that added dimension.

French Toast & Custom Sausage:

Great French toast with a sausage that a local meat market custom makes for Frank's.  A little bit of butter and syrup, and you're good to go.

Bacon-n-Cheese Omelet:

This is awesome.  Nice bite-size pieces of bacon fried to a crisp before being dropped into the omelet.  Add onions and cheese, and then fold.  This was really good.  I chose hashbrowns with this dish.  The red stuff is their home-made salsa.  Really tomatoey!

Pancake Breakfast:

Their pancakes are on my bucket list for my next stop in Schulenberg.  Sorry, no photos yet.

Country Breakfast:

Look at those biscuits.  Crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  Comes with country gravy.  The eggs are always cooked the way you order at Frank's.  And the grits pass the pepper test.  What makes Frank's a great place for breakfast is that they're consistently good.  When you're on the road, that's very important.  

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