Monday, September 15, 2014

Terese's Place of Springfield OR

Great bacon!  But this is Oregon and bacon is generally great in Oregon.  Terese's is a great place for breakfast if you're a pork buff.  Portions are large and the prices are reasonable. Don't get the oatmeal like my son did though I tasted it.  For oatmeal it was great, but don't tell anyone I liked the oatmeal.

Here it is ... in downtown Springfield on Main Street.  If you are traveling Oregon and are passing thru Eugene or Springfield, use your GPS to find Main Street and then drive slow so you don't miss it.  Have to drive slow on Main anyway.  For more information go to

Hungry Man Plate with Bacon:

The Bacon Hungry Man Plate comes with three eggs, six THICK bacon strips, and a mess of hash browns as well as toast or biscuits.  I was in a wheat toast mood that day.

Omelet with Home Fries:

What kind of omelet this is, I forgot.  But the home fries I remember.  Little reds with the skins still on them.  Great addition to any breakfast at Terese's.

Hungry Man Plate with Sausage:

Normally there are two sausage choices for this Hungry Man Plate: six sausage links or two sausage paddies.  I negotiated three links and one paddy.  See how the paddy shines ... that's the grease.  This time I was in a biscuit mood.

Hash Brown Potatoes: 

This is the main side dish for breakfast at Terese's.  And they're good with ketchup.

Pancakes and Eggs:

My grandson Grayson loves his pancakes.  This is one of the larger cakes on Main Street.

Biscuits and Gravy:

This plate comes with two eggs, hash browns, and breakfast meat.  I always get sausage with my biscuits and gravy.  And the link sausage are great here at Terese's.

This place never skimps on the food.  You'll never leave Terese's hungry ... unless you're just sitting there watching your friends eat, or you're getting the oatmeal while I feast in front of you.

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