Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cue's Burgers and Breakfast of Houston

Cue's is a GREAT breakfast place in Houston.  My Aunt Mildred put me on to this place years ago when my Mom and I were visiting her.  For me, Cue's has one of the most extensive breakfast menus ever.  And there are at least three items posted that are not on the menu: catfish and eggs, chicken strips and eggs, and chicken biscuit.  Warning, breakfast is in the morning only and stope at 11 a.m. except for weekends.  On weekends you can get breakfast through 1 p.m. on Saturday and 2 p.m on Sunday.  Go to http://cuesburgershouston.wix.com for the full menu.

The place was originally called Cue's Burgers and More, but breakfast became so popular here that they changed to name to Cue's Burgers and Breakfast.  This is my breakfast stop when visiting or passing through Houston.

This place is located off of West 610 south of I-10 in a strip mall on Post Oak.  Take the Post Oak exit from I-610 if your heading south.  Watch out because the exit looks like you're still on the expressway.  Slow up quickly because the expressway ends abruptly and rolls directly in the Post Oak.  Make a U-turn at the first available place and drive north on Post Oak which eventually becomes a service road to the I-610 entrance.  Cue's will be in the red-brick strip mall to your right.  By the way, if you're traveling through Houston, the gasoline prices are really cheap at Post Oak.

Cue's Special Breakfast:

Breakfast special is eggs, bacon or sausage, grits or hashbrowns, and biscuit.  I'm sure they have toast, but the biscuit is so great that I never think to get toast.  This display is at my Aunt's house on her plate.  I brought breakfast to her since she doesn't get out anymore.  This is enough breakfast to last her a week.

Biscuits and Gravy with Sausage:

Rib sticking is how I describe this breakfast.  The display is less attractive since I had to remove it from the take-out box.  The dish looks better in the restaurant.  The photo was shot before I inundated the gravy with black pepper.

Cheese Grits:

The cheese grits were also take-outs to my Aunt's house.  The grits are awesome at Cue's.  The bacon was borrowed from my Aunt's plate for the photo.  But a meal in itself would be cheese grits with an order of bacon.  And break the bacon into pieces to mix into your grits.

Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs:

 Crisp and tasty chicken fried steak.  Not a large steak, but the seasoning is perfect.  The dish comes with eggs and hashbrowns.  I opted out of the toast for a biscuit … and got a tub of gravy to cover the biscuit.  The biscuits here are huge, crispy on the outside, and flaky on the inside.  This is probably the most perfect biscuit that I have ever had.


Cue's has a fine cup of coffee … thick but smooth, and that's the way I like it.

Super Breakfast:

The super breakfast is eggs, breakfast meat, and pancakes.  Normally the serve the sausage paddy or bacon with the pancakes, but I requested the Chappell Hill links (smoked country sausage).  I wasn't able to eat the third pancake.

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