Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mill Bakery of Gainesville Florida

The Mill Bakery is located in Newberry Crossing Mall off of I-75  in Gainesville, Florida.  Take Exit 387 and go west toward Newberry, but don't turn there.  Go down a block and turn right on 76th Blvd.  It's on the left in the center of the shopping center there.  It is the only mom-n-pop place that I have found in the city that has a great breakfast.  Actually, my brother-n-law and friend Mike Partridge found it for me.  Whenever I am visiting in-laws, I frequent this place.

Ham-n-Cheese Omelet: 

The place has great omelets as well: Three Cheese, Ham-n-Cheese, Western, and Mushroom-n-Peppers.  My nephew Choly promised me a pic of the Mushroom-n-Peppers Omelet, and I will update the blog as soon as he delivers.

The Ham-n-Cheese Omelet is my favorite of their many omelets.  Cheese choices are American (No!), Cheddar (Yes!), and Provolone (Yes!).  This time I chose cheddar.  They were out of grits so I ordered the home fries which they call hashbrowns.  Their "hashbrowns" were good, but I have to have the catsup.

 Hearty Country Breakfast for One!

This is their everything plate or the Country Breakfast.  Biscuits, sausage gravy, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, grits ... all for $7.25.  Come hungry.  Look below for two close-ups:

Eggs, Toast, and Grits:

This is the Mill's Sunrise breakfast.  Gotta have the cheese, cheese on the grits, cheese on the eggs.   Bread is great, they make it themselves.  The Mill Breakfast is somewhere in between the Country and Sunrise.  The Mill Breakfast is basically the Sunrise with  meat.

Great Grits:

Grits are thick and can pass the pepper test.  The owner is from the northeast and has a secret to serving good grits.  He says he doesn't even try to give instructions to he cook and lets her do her thing.

Croissant Breakfast Sandwich:

Remember: this is a bakery first.  It's a bakery that makes breakfast.  This croissant is home-made ... and it's made the right way.  The ham is great here.  the Mill also makes breakfast sandwiches on bagel, biscuit, and toast.

Muffins ... 

When you come, get some muffins for the house or the road.  The muffins are great here.

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