Friday, August 9, 2013

Charlie's Bar-B-Q of Roseburg, Oregon

Charlie's Real Wood Smoked BBQ is located off the only I-5 exit in Roseburg, Oregon.  This place is worth the drive.  Charlie doesn't advertise the type of wood he smokes with, but he should.  It's applewood!  I have been smoking my own meats for the past 30 years, and to me, applewood is better than pecan and hickory.  And definitely better than oak or mesquite.

My son Adam and I discovered this place when coming back from hiking in snow-covered the forrest uplands of Oregon.  Adam now always looks for an excuse to return to the Roseburg area so we can go back to Charlie's.

Baby-Back Ribs:

This is the best baby-back pork ribs I have ever put in my mouth.  Look how meaty and lean.  This stuff is smoked to perfection.  I wish I could smoke meats this well.  Barbecue sauce is an after-the-fact option at Charlie's ... and I like that.

Beef Brisket:

Charlie's serves plates, but I just order the meats.  Whomever I am with just orders whatever sides they want.   His brisket is has just enough fat to flavor the meat, tender and smoked to perfection.

Smoked Turkey:

If some of you prefer leaner meats, go for the smoked turkey breasts.  I love it, not because it's lean, but because it's smoked turkey.  And the stuff at Charlie's is great.

Barbecue Sauces:

Charlie's has a medley of sauces to surf.  Just set aside a slice of meat to test taste the different sauces or take your chances on one that sounds good.


Burritos make a nice option to the meat dishes that Charlie's serves.  His burritos come with either beef, pork, chicken and include pinto beans, black olives, salsa, and cheddar cheese.

Charlie's does have a sampler platter of three meats for just under $20.  The plate comes with corn bread, hush putties, and two sides.  Meats include brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken, or turkey breast.  You can get tri-tip steak for an additional buck and a half.  The ribs are not included as a choice, but just get a rack for the table.  

On Friday evenings, Charlie has a slow-smoked prime rib.  And on just about any day you can get prime-rib chili -- must be the leftovers from Friday night.  

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