Friday, February 13, 2015

Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger of Cambodia

Eric Kayser is a international chain of bakeries.  My guess is that they're famous for their breads because that is what, in my opinion, they do best.  Usually, I don't bring you big chains, but I'm here in Phnom Penh and this is the best bakery in town.  It would be one of the best bakeries in most any town that I have visited.  Usually, I don't do a posting in the same city this recent, but since I'm over here I had a request from a friend for a posting.  This one goes out to Nancy.

This bakery is located on the ground floor of the Aeon Mall in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  That large man at the counter is me and the woman with long hair, my daughter Michelle.  Normally, I visit her once a year for three weeks to a month.  The reason we are here at night is that the bakery knocks every item down by 50 percent.  The croissants cost me 50 cents each.  Try getting that for 50 cents stateside.  Thanks to my son-in-law Derrick for taking this pic and finding this place for me.

Apple Turnovers:

This is great breakfast food.  Nice filling, mildly sweet, not so sweet that you can't taste the apples ... and that's what its all about.


Last year I did a post on breakfasts in Cambodia and showed the croissants that the ex-pats voted the best.  That was before Eric Kayser came to town.  These guys really taste buttery ... and flaky, ever so flaky.  These are some of the best tasting croissants that I have ever ingested ... and for only 50 cents each after 9 p.m.


Their baguettes are to die for.  Great taste to the bread itself, but when you add poppy seeds, or better yet, sesame seeds, the taste gets better.  Michelle freezes the fresh loaves that she is not using and days later takes them from the freezer to the oven.  And they still taste fresh!

Pistachio Baguettes:

This is a personal favorite of mine and were the breads in the initial photo.  Ground pistachio nuts are rolled in the dough before baking, hence the green color.  But they don't stop there: crumbled pistachio nuts are added to the mixture prior to baking.  So every so often, you get a crunchy bite of pistachio nut while eating this bread.

Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Chocolate chips rule in Cambodia.  It's everywhere.  Go to breakfast, and you can get chocolate chips in your pancakes.  So this French baker with a German name makes a great American cookie -- chocolate chip.

Eric Kayser:

Apparently, Kayser got his start in Paris which is the last city in the world I would want to start out as a bakery owner.  Talk about survival of the fittest.  Now it's not quite that difficult ... Eric comes from a long line of French boulangers.  Apparently, Kayser has great quality control because everything I tasted in Cambodia is good, if not great.  Boulanger is a baker and Eric Kayser is definitely an Artisan Boulanger.  For more info on Eric Kayser go to:

The Layout of Bakery Goods Bought at Half Price:

Just so you don't hate me, I won't tell you how close to ten dollars this buy was.

Here are some of Eric's breads.

If I ever get to Paris, I plan to find his original shop and feast there for breakfast.

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