Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy's Soul Food Shack of Oregon

Happy's is located on the Main Street, Springfield, Or.  If you're not from the area, use your GPS to get to Main Street.  Once on Main, it's easy to find.  Happy is the owner/operator and a native of Alabama where he learned to cook soul food.  I grew up in the south and have to say this soul food is authentic.

This is a to-go food restaurant and most of what they serve is cooked or heated when you order.  So don't be in a hurry ... the food is worth the wait.

Soul Food Sides

Sometimes, I go just for the sides.  Pictured above is a combo plate of mac-n-cheese,  chicken-n-dumplins, and red beans-n-rice.


I consider his greens his masterpiece of soul food production.  It's a mainstay in the southern African-American diet.  Great stuff if you're on a low carb diet.  His portions are larger than this, I just got hungry before snapping the picture.

Mac & Cheese:

Sometimes I dream about this dish.  The mac-n-cheese is made like I never had it before.  By the way, this dish is not on a low carb diet, neither is it on a low fat diet.  You have to forget diet when you're eating his mac-n-cheese.  Happy's dish has tomato in it.

Red Beans & Rice

Growing up in New Orleans, I have had a lot of red beans and rice in my life.  Monday there was wash day in the 50s and the stay-at-home moms cooked a pot of red beans for the family dinner that day to give them time to tend to the laundry.   Happy's red beans are as good as they come.

Chicken & Dumplings 

Talk about scrumptious.  This is country chicken and dumplings.  Thick cream chicken gravy with old fashion dumplings.  He uses white meat but it somehow doesn't lose the flavor in stewing.  This stuff is great stick to your ribs eating!


Pork Ribs:

Usually I don't want my ribs served with barbecue sauce on them.  But these soul ribs are fall off the bone ribs.  You can eat these ribs with a fork.  Happy says, "you need no teeth to eat my meats"  And the sauce is great.

Tri-Cut Barbecued Beef:

This is a cousin of the brisket, but a better cut.  It comes from the cow in a triangle wedge, hence the name.  And you don't need teeth to eat this stuff ether.

Happy is not satisfied with serving good food.  He told me if it's not GREAT then bring it back for a refund.  I din't bring it back; I ate it instead.  Great decision.  If you like soul food and you're in Oregon, this is the place to go.  If you never had soul food, Happy's is a must.  By the way, he serves up great coffee for the road.  For more info go to:

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