Friday, December 1, 2017

Tony's Restaurant of Sealy, TX

Look at that biscuit!  This is just one of the largest southern-style biscuit that I have found in my travels.  Go Tony's!

Tony's is located on I-10 west of Houston on the way to and from San Antonio.  Take Exit 720 where TX-36 intersects I-10.  They have just updated their menu so I will be updating my post as I travel in that direction.

Tony's $5.99 Three-Egg Plate:

Tony's daily breakfast special (breakfast all day) is the three egg breakfast with choice of meats, sides, and bread.  I almost always get the biscuit.

Pork Chops & Eggs:

Deep fried pork chops with great eggs.  Choose from hashbrowns or grits.  Sorry for the photo quality.  The faded ones are on my old phone and I have been casually working on this post for several years now.  Now that I have an i-Phone, the photos are better.

Ham-n-Egg Plate:

Look at that slab of ham!  That's a meal in itself.  Usually, I get scrambled eggs and hashbrowns when I order ham steak.  Don't know why, just like it that way.

Ham Omelet:

The food is better than this photo.  Sorry, Tony, my bad.  My girlfriend Jewell ordered this omelet the same day I got the pork chops.  She doesn't always get cheese on her omelets.  So sad.

Biscuits & Gravy:

This is the best way to eat Tony's huge biscuits.  Too bad they don't do sausage gravy.

Bucket List Item:

The Texan!  The Texan is a three-egg plate topped with home-made chili.  Go for the scrambled eggs with this dish and pay extra for the cheese.  Sorry, no photo of the Texan.

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