Tuesday, April 29, 2014

McKenzie Cafe of Springfield Oregon

The McKenzie Cafe was first opened here in 1947.  The current owners Medi and Isabel have operated the restaurant since 1979.  A successful partnership for sure … some marriages don't last that long!


McKenzie is located on the outer fringe of Main Street, Springfield.   If you are in either Eugene or Springfield, use a GPS to find Main Street.  Once you're on Main, just travel down the street until you reach the outskirts of town.  It will be on the right.   When you enter, the smiling face that greets you belongs to Isabel.  Medi sometimes hides in the kitchen dreaming up wonderful dishes to feed their customers.


A word about their specials:  each day Medi dreams up something new.  I have hardly dented their menu for their specials.  The specials at McKenzie are particularly seductive.

Chili & Scrambled Eggs:

I like chili-cheese-n-onions.  What a better way to top off a plate of fried eggs.  See the breakfast fries, they're super crisp, not soggy.  And the parsley on the side, you don't have to eat that.  Garnish it's called.

Chicken-Fried Steak Chunks & Eggs:

No, they don't bread little pieces of chicken-fried steak, though that would be good.  Instead, the whole steak is chopped after being chicken-fried.  This wonderful cream gravy is poured on top and powdered with paprika.  My guess is paprika is a garnish as well.  

French Quarters:

Here is my favorite of their specials: French toast stuffed with cream cheese and some really tasty strawberry goo.  The toast is deep fried and then cut into quarters.  Medi puts more of that strawberry goo on top.  This dish is meant to be eaten in small bites and chewed slowly.  Savor each taste, swallow, then take a moment before taking the next small bite.  Please don't wolf this dish.


I skipped the specials and made myself order from the menu twice and made sure extra side orders of meat were made so you could see how great everything else is at McKenzie's.

Eggs, Hash-Browns, Biscuits:

Perfectly fried eggs with crisp hash browns and biscuits made that morning, served with a large sausage paddy.  See the side order of bacon.  Oregon bacon ... it's great everywhere and McKenzie is no exception.  Their's is always perfect, crisp, not burnt.

Eggs and Pancakes:

Thick fluffy pancakes with butter.  Soon to have that bottle of syrup poured on top of them.  This dish is accompanied with a choice of meat, my choice being link sausage.  Yes, I had to have a side order of crisp Oregon bacon.  

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