Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dot's Restaurants of Metairie Louisiana

Dot's is a chain of six Jefferson Parish restaurants, just outside of New Orleans.  Mom-n-pop is their style and remains that way no matter how many locations they have.  Note: parish means county in Louisiana.

At least three of the outlets are located on Jefferson Hwy which runs parallel to the winding Mississippi River.  If you exit I-10 on Causeway Blvd. and head south you will reach Jefferson Hwy.  Go left or right and you'll find a Dot's.

My favorite location is on Jefferson Highway next to the Mississippi River bridge.  This is the dive-est looking one from the outside, but the food is great.  This location has in my opinion the best grits.  The grits are thick enough to pass the pepper test, but are so creamy that it seems as if they make the 30-minute grits there and not the 5 minute ones that you find just about everywhere else.


Crawfish Creole Biscuit:

Here it is and for less than $5!  Grilled biscuit topped with swiss cheese and an over-easy egg and on top of that Dot's own Crawfish Julie sauce.  This is their signature dish in my opinion.  Order two!

Bacon, Eggs, & Grits:

Great bacon and grits.  The over-easy eggs look like my Mom made them.  This is breakfast!

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits & More:

You would think that Dot's was located in Kentucky or Tennessee for the chunks of sausage in the cream gravy.  If you look carefully, you can see a piece of biscuit peaking out to the right of this thick blanket of sausage gravy.  Yes, the breakfast comes with eggs, grits, and breakfast meat.  I ordered sausage ... of course.

New Orleans Style Coffee:

Now this is a cup of coffee ... and not for the fainthearted.  This is thick New Orleans style coffee, thick but ever so smooooth.

Note: this is only a smattering of what is on the breakfast menu at Dot's.  For more information, go to

Lunch -------------------------------------------


Twelve slices of bacon on Dot's Baconater.  Did I say 12 slices of bacon!  Now that's a bacon club sandwich.  Thanks to my cousin Sharon for taking these bacon photos for me.

Monday's Special:

You heard me tell this story before: the moms of New Orleans in the olden days cooked a pot of red beans and rice on Monday so they had time to tend to the family clothes wash.  That tradition has spilled over to restaurants in the area.

Dot's is the place to go on Mondays for red beans and rice.  The dish comes with grilled sausage (above) or pork chops (below).  Sorry, Dot, that the pics are not better.  These plates were shot before I decided to do a food blog.  You can always send me better ones.

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