Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Buddy's Diner of Eugene OR

Inside the meat lover's omelet at Buddy's Diner.  It's great to find a mom-n-pop diner in the land of many chain restaurants -- Eugene Oregon.

Buddy's Diner is located on Coburg Road.  Just take the Coburg exit off the Beltway and turn left.  Look for the diner on the left.

Standard Egg Plate:

This dish comes with eggs your way, sausage or ham or bacon, hashbrowns or homestyle potatoes, toast or English muffin, or there huge biscuit.  Look at those large sausage paddies!

Breakfast Burrito:

Your choice of meat and I chose sausage with eggs, cheese, (it gets better) green chilis, tomatoes, onions.  It also has potatoes in the mix, but I chose to pass.  Now just spread the sour cream and salsa, and you're full till late afternoon.

South-of-the-Boarder Omelet:

My son Adam ordered this omelet: tomatoes, green pepper, onions.  He had them add bacon to the mix.  This place is so accommodating that it's like eating at Mom's.

Chicken-Fried Steak:

Adam rested his steak on top of his eggs.  He finished it in a jiffy.  Lucky for me that he saved a taste and it was good.  This is one of the best chicken-fried steaks that I have ever eaten.

Meat Lovers' Omelet:

There's substantially more meat than eggs in this dish.  I have never had this much meat on an omelet.    My suggestion if anyone orders this dish, double up on the cheese.  There was so much link sausage, bacon, and ham, that the ratio of cheese to meat was not right.  Yes, double up on the cheese!


My request was for thin pancakes and that's what I got.  They're so accommodating.  The cook thought I was being shortchanged so she made me two more slightly thicker, but still thin see below.  When I was getting ready to waive the white flag, I was this squeeze container of marionberry (suped-up Oregon blackberries) jam.  Yes, had to have some!

Eggs Benedict:

Neither Adam nor I ordered this dish, but wanted to show it to you.  They make a Cali Beni with bacon, tomato, avocado, and spinach.  I think I would want either bacon and spinach or bacon-tomato-avocado.

Humongous Biscuit:

Here is their humongous biscuit.  You can get that with or without sausage gravy.  Check the photo evidence of what I ordered.

Bye from Buddy's Diner

Note: there's no wait if you sit at the counter, and you get to see all the food come out.